2021: Change and Diffusing Behavior in Organizations.  Global Business Anthropology Summit.  
2020: COVID-19 Industry Outlook, with Craig Boesch.  Nebraska Business Development Center Webinar Series, UNL.
2020: What’s All This Talk About Applying Anthropology in Business? with Inga Treitler, Ph.D.  Department of Anthropology Colloquium Series, UNL.
2019: How The IRB Works.  College of Business, UNL.
2019: Photography and Entrepreneurship.  College of Journalism, UNL.      
2018: Anthropology in Entrepreneurship and Business:  Discovery, Diversity and Responsibility.  Department of Anthropology Colloquium Series, UNL.

2012-Present: Assistant Director, Research Assistant Professor, & Entrepreneurship Fellow - Center for Entrepreneurship/College of Business, University of Nebraska
2014-Present:  Courtesy Research Assistant Professor - Department of Anthropology, University of Nebraska
2002-2011: Graduate Teaching Assistant and Instructor - University of Nebraska, University of Utah
2009-2011: Photographer, SEO and Marketing analyst- Snaplock Industries
2007-2009: Bartender - Zanzibar, LLC
2002-2004: Bartender - ACR Corporation DBA Bricktop
2001: Controller - HBI International
1998-2000: Manager - ACR Corporation DBA Jake's

The Rule of Thirds: Owner
SIX-16 Studio: Partner
Laughing Falcon, LLC: Partner

2020-Present: Lincoln Calling 
2018-Present: Pawlytics, a B-Corporation
2016-2019: 89.3 KZUM Radio

2020: Moderator - Kauffman Foundation Symposium on Anthropology and Entrepreneurship - American Anthropological Association Raising Our Voices Series
2019: Panelist - The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem - UNL Mandela Fellows Panel
2018: Moderator -  Making your Way From Local Beginnings to National Success - Lincoln Calling Music Festival

2015: Building Human Capitol Advantage in Initial Public Offerings.  Theresa Welbourne and Kyle Gibson. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings 2015(1):14686-14686 · January 2015
2011: The Roles of Operational Sex Ratio and Young-Old Ratio in Producing Suicide Attackers
Ph.D. Dissertation - University of Utah Department of Anthropology
2011: Religion and Violence: An Anthropological Study on Religious Belief and Violent Behavior, with Ben Purzyck. Skeptic Magazine 16(2):22-27.
2009: Differential Parental Investment in Families with Both Adopted and Genetic Children. Evolution and Human Behavior. 30(3), pp 184-189
2005: Punitive Behavior in eBay Auctions. Nebraska Anthropologist. 20:23-28
2004: Evolutionary Theory in Anthropology: Providing Ultimate Explanations for Human Behavior. Nebraska Anthropologist. 19:1-3
2004: Relatedness and Investment in Adoptive Households
Master’s Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Department of Anthropology and Geography. Committee Members: Raymond Hames, Ph.D., Patricia Draper, Ph.D., Lynn White, Ph.D
Working Paper: Rock of Ages: Children and Stone Tool Construction,
With Kristen Hawkes, Christopher Parker, Earl Keefe, Brett Kennedy and Anndrea Parish (manuscript in preparation)
Working Paper: The Evolution of Small Adult Body Size in Homo Floresiensis 
Working Paper: On Quitting

2011: Doctor of Philosophy, University of Utah
Dissertation:  Demographic and Individual Factors as Causes of Suicide Terrorism
Major: Anthropology with specialization in human evolutionary ecology
2004: Master of Arts, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Thesis:  Relatedness and Investment in Adoptive Households
Major: Anthropology with specialization in cultural anthropology
2000: Bachelor of Arts, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Majors: Anthropology, English
Minor: Sociology

2020: Advanced Design Thinking, IDEO U
Ongoing: CITI Human Research – Group 2 Social/Behavioral Research Investigators and Key Personnel  

Business: Entrepreneurship, customer discovery, product development and prototyping, design thinking, business analytics, initial public offerings, survival analysis, quantitative research and methods, online pedagogy
Anthropology: Human evolutionary ecology, evolutionary theory, applied anthropology, human biology, foragers, suicide terrorism, adoption, prosocial behavior, fictive kinship, family structure and dynamics, ethnographic methods, statistics, research methods, human universals

2017: On Quitting:  Perspectives from Anthropology, Entrepreneurship, and Ecology.  Nerd Nite Lincoln.
2016: Applied Anthropology.  Department of Anthropology, UNL.
2015: Exploring the Long-Term Survival of Initial Public Offerings:  How the States of Eight Resource Classes at IPO Influence 20 Year Firm Survival, with Theresa Welbourne.  EuroMed Special Conference on HR Practices, Strategic, and Entrepreneurial Challenges.  Paris, France.
2015: Website Optimization and Online Analytics.  ExporTech MEP Annual Meeting, Innovation Campus, UNL.  
2015, 2018: Same Sex Parenting.  Department of Anthropology, UNL.
2015: Suicide Terrorism and Religious Violence.  Department of Classics and Religious Studies, UNL.\
2009: Demographic Aggression: Do Populations with High Operational Sex and Young-Old Ratios Produce More Suicide Terrorists? Tanner Forum on Violence and Aggression, University of Utah.
2009: Demographic and Individual Factors as Causes for Suicide Terrorism. Human Behavior and Evolution Society Annual Meeting. 
2004: Relatedness and Investment in Adoptive Households. University of Utah Graduate Student Colloquium. 
2004: Relatedness and Investment in Adoptive Households- Preliminary Findings. Central States Anthropological Society annual meeting. 
2004: Relatedness and Investment in Adoptive Households – Pilot Study. Nebraska Academy of Science annual meeting. 
2002: Subsistence Change Among the Kweneng and Dobe San: Social Shifts for Men, Women and the Aged. Department of Anthropology and Geography, UNL.  
2002: Third Molar Agenesis and Dietary Change. Department of Anthropology and Geography, UNL.

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